DEVIO developed the AMPMyPage service, in which users can create AMP pages via the platform's interface or through an API that provides automatic conversion of their HTML pages to AMP, in bulk. A major advantage of using the AMPMyPage service is the automatic enrichment of your newly-created AMP pages with structured data (supported types are NewsArticle and Product), adding more value to your web presence. AMPMyPage also supports integration in Drupal and Wordpress websites with custom modules and plugins. Enable your website to automatically create AMP pages when you add content on your favorite CMS platform. Finally AMPMyPage takes into consideration SEO optimization factors achieving for you the best possible results.


AMP creator, HTML to AMP converter

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open source standard exclusively for pages viewed on mobile devices, created by Google and Twitter.

AMP pages have the feature of extremely fast, almost instant loading, in the user's browser. AMP pages target the growing traffic from mobile device users, giving users the best experience when they visit your business website or e-shop.

AMP pages in search results

Since February 2016 search engines have begun including AMP pages in search engine results pages for mobile device users. You can distinguish AMP pages from the lightning strike icon, appearing next to the search result.

Given that search engines give priority and better rankings to mobile-friendly e-shops and websites, one can easily understand the advantages of a business that has embraced AMP pages sooner than its competitors.

AMP Benefits

Faster page loading for mobile device users - It's no surprise that one of the main strengths of webpages developed with AMP is that pages are almost instantly loaded on mobile devices - since they were created for this purpose. This is vital, as studies show that mobile device users typically leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. As a result, websites and e-shops that adopt the AMP standard significantly reduce mobile abandonment rates and increase conversions.

Search Engine Optimization SEO - Although AMP is not an independent ranking factor yet, loading time on mobile devices is a well-known ranking factor. As AMP significantly improves web loading time aiming at mobile device friendliness, it is highly possible that a website or an e-shop developed with AMP will be rewarded with higher rankings on search engines compared to slower websites.

  • Growth in Organic Traffic
  • Higher Conversions / Higher User Engagement
  • Better SEO Ranking
  • Lightning Fast Load Times
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